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Flexible weight-reduction plan or as we like to call it at Healthsize “Bendy Dieting”, or “If It suits Your Macros,” means counting macronutrient grams in preference to energy. Use this calculator to locate your perfect ratio of proteins, carbs, and fats.

Step 1: Calculate Your TDEE (daily calories required)

Macro Calculator

The macro calculator is first flexible dieting tool of its kind. We developed it to be the most comprehensive and easy to use fitness calculator for people following the diet. The macro calculator takes the guess work out of dieting. All you have to do is enter your details, select your goals and retrieve your macros. We have added a few options in step 3 for those of you that like to manipulate your protein and fats. Scroll down to get started with the Macro Calculator now!
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Your BMR is: 1655 Calories/Day
Your TDEE is: 2246 Calories/Day
Step 2: Choose Your Goals (and pick your intensity)
Fat loss
Suggested 15%
Aggressive 20%
Reckless 25%
Same as TDEE
Cautious 5%
Text Book 10%
Aggressive 15%
Enter Your Own
Step 3: Select Your Nutrition Plan (we suggest Balanced)
Choose Plans
1.00 grams per lb. of body weight
1.15 grams per lb. of body weight
1.25 grams per lb. of body weight
Custom grams per lb. of body weight
.35 grams per lb. of body weight
.40 grams per lb. of body weight
.45 grams per lb. of body weight
Custom grams per lb. of body weight
Carbohydrates are calculated based on the calories you have remaining after calories from protein and fat have been subtracted from your TDEE.
Step 4: Your Results
GRAMS per day 280.3 0 0 0 - 0 1121
GRAMS per meal 93.4 0 0 0 - 0 374


“Bendy dieting” and “If It fits Your Macros,” or IIFYM, are two terms that both consult with basing your food consumption on macronutrient targets.
With this method you can devour some thing you need, as long as it suits your macronutrient targets. No meals institution is off limits. you have the ability to consume baked fowl with rice at some point and fried chicken the following—if it fits your macros, it is fair sport.


Macronutrients, or macros, are the building blocks that make up all the meals we eat: carbohydrates, fat, and proteins. each has wonderful roles in the body. To live healthful and overwhelm your body-composition dreams, you want to devour the proper amount of each macro.


Carbohydrates are the body’s desired strength source. They make you pass! not getting enough of these “partiers of the body” can leave you torpid. an excessive amount of will spike your blood sugar and send your starvation through the roof.


Fats additionally provide strength, and you want this macronutrient to assist your immune machine function, manipulate your hormones, and energy your nervous gadget (your mind is 60 percentage fats).[1] but in case you devour greater fat than you need, you’ll shop it until you could use it.


If there was a popularity contest for macronutrients, protein would win. Everybody knows you need lots of it to recover from workouts and build muscle, and protein suppresses your appetite to boot. But if you get too many of your calories from protein at the expense of other macros, you can become sluggish, since it isn’t a very good energy source.


With bendy weight-reduction plan, you remember the grams of every macronutrient in the food you eat, as opposed to a complete quantity of energy. The calculator in this page will provide an greatest macronutrient ratio based totally for your desires—fats loss, muscle profits, or maintenance.
don’t worry too much approximately energy; if you’re staying near your macro objectives, your energy will fall in line. more than simply the number of energy, it is the types of calories that alter your frame composition.


The massive attraction of counting macros is that, seeing that no food institution is off limits, it feels lots much less restrictive and greater sustainable than different food regimen approaches, which might, for instance, ban carbs or demonize processed meals.
Forbidding sure meals tends to simply make you want them greater, and omitting complete meals businesses can set you up for dangerous deficiencies and result in cravings. The restrictive factor is what stresses people out and creates the want for a cheat day, that may turn into a binge and ship you lower back to square one.[2]

With IIFYM, the concept is that you could cheat all of the time without derailing your software, as long as you hold your macros in check. in case you’re having a stressful week and also you want to get all of your macros from toaster waffles and protein pudding, nobody’s stopping you.
IIFYM makes positive your body is getting all of the macronutrients it needs to characteristic properly, construct muscle, and have sufficient energy. even though there is flexibility in the way you “spend” your macros, you cannot blow all of your energy on french fries and omit out on protein the manner you may if you had been simply counting energy.


The only issue IIFYM doesn’t account for is micronutrients. these are the vitamins, minerals, and fiber that come at the side of the macros and assist our bodies perform at their high-quality.
For the most part, getting your macros from complete plant meals and animal proteins will mechanically optimize your micronutrient intake. If, however, you are consuming a variety of stuff like protein bars and gummy bears (which might be scientifically tested to make you swole), additionally recall ingesting a vegetable every now and then.[3] Leafy vegetables are loaded with micros and extremely low in macros, so they are basically “loose.”


The excellent thing about IIFYM or flexible weight-reduction plan is that it in reality is flexible; you can customize it to paintings excellent in your man or woman body. even though the macronutrient ratios offered by way of the calculator are a healthy and effective starting point for just about anyone, people vary of their tolerance of various macros: some individuals do higher with lots of carbs while others thrive on greater fats.
you may begin figuring out what mixture your body prefers via tinkering along with your macro ratios at the same time as maintaining your calorie degree stable. you might locate this is all it takes to begin feeling more energized and seeing higher effects—

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